Zee vs. the little people.

> Honestly you hadn’t expected her to agree. You’re huge, terrifying to look at. (Ew lotsa scars everywhere) And, well. A highblood. Which most people kinda disprove of in general. 

> But holy shit are you excited to go play with wrigglers. 

> Anyway. You’re going to the desert, but you don’t wanna scare the tits off the kids with your scars. What do. Compromise with a light long-sleeve shirt (like them hippies wear) and a pair of khakis. It covers up most of the damage. 

> Plug in the coords, hit send, and awayyyy you go! :oD


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    > It’s easy to pick up the little spike of fear, ears flicking and flattening for a second before you can reign yourself...
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    > You’ve turned to watch them and you tense momentarily when he puts his face close to Alhena’s tummy, but that worry...